Gifts to Remember

Give Gift of a Clock

Personally speaking I always have been fond of gift giving, since I didn’t even know what really gifts meant I just got a very good feeling when giving as a little girl. As a teenager, I got a little bit more satisfaction whenever I gave a gift to some one close, or when making new friends. Where I grew-up it was not customary for little girls to be giving gifts to each other; I started this tradition among my friends. Between my close friends and cousins we started to give birthday gifts and “Holiday ” presents. I would make very personal gifts ranging from arts and crafts to unique artsy cards. I cannot explain in words, the feeling I got each time I have given a gift. Further more, receiving any kind of gift has its own pleasure.

It bothers me that today gift giving has changed from something coming from the heart to an obligation, or formality, where people just want to, “get it over with,”–with little effort in  finding something which can be used by the friend/family for months, even better for years to come. Your memories and your fine choice can bring even strangers together. What other way would be better than that to make new friends and keep your old ones for ever?

People will always remember you by the gift you give them. For example, there is a running joke in our community that a certain group always is stingy with their presents. S/He will get was seems to be the first thing they see on the clearance rack at the local store. What can these kind of people expect in return? Instead, be the one who gives gifts that others would love to have–those that show thoughtfulness–what goes around comes around.

A gift that can be used in their bed room, living room, kitchen or any other part of their house adds significance to the item you give. However, decor is usually delicate and bulky, so it’s a hard present to wrap and give. Instead, try to get gifts delivered to your love ones directly if possible and save the hassle of  packing and shipping.

If you are not 100% sure or just wondering what can be a good memorable gift to be given this year, here are some money saving memory building gift ideas.  Now-a-days I am a big fan of Wall Clocks since there are thousands of unique and fabulous designs to choose from.

Wall clocks have been important in our lives for centuries. Clocks come in so many different designs and varieties, which makes it so easy to use them even as a focal point in your room decor. They can be used either as wall decor or as an accent to compliment other decor of your room. So make sure to add wall clocks in your gift selection and make an timeless statement to your love ones. They will certainly appreciate this kind of present for years to come, whether it’s Christmas, a birthday or any kind of holiday; and you will be remembered with every tick of the clock.


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